VDJServer Documentation

VDJServer is a free, scalable resource for performing immune repertoire analysis and sharing data. It provides access to a suite of tools for a complete analysis workflow, including modules for preprocessing and quality control of sequence reads, V(D)J gene segment assignment, repertoire characterization, and repertoire comparison. VDJServer also provides sophisticated visualizations for exploratory analysis. It is accessible through a standard web browser via a graphical user interface designed for use by immunologists, clinicians, and bioinformatics researchers.

VDJServer is a large repository in the AIRR Data Commons, and as of December, 2021 (CDP Release), contains 39 studies, 3408 repertoires and ~2.5B rearrangements (annotated sequences). VDJServer provides the functionality to publicly share your study and sequence data, as well as privately share data between users.

If you use VDJServer, please cite:

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